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Behind The Lens

Photography is an important part of my life. My love and passion for photography began when I was little, and I have been interested in photography ever since I can remember. I always work hard to make the best images, and blend traditional and digital technology to assure the perfect result.By specializing in contemporary, glamorous yet natural images, you will be presented by very stylish and refreshingly spontaneous photos, and videos. My passion is not limited to photography. I am specialized in Video, Ads, News, Events, Family, Kids, Industrial, and Fashion Photography as well. Web Design is another talent I have, which helps me to capture the client’s vision, bring the design elements to life, and ultimately create a website that appeals to consumers. Being in this business for over 20 years, made it my life rather than a business. I always look forward to share how I see the world with others, and try to bring something special to each and every image that I am creating.




I have been in Graphic world since I was in high school, and I got my university degree in

Graphic Design. While working in Graphic Design field, I got married to Reza, and I got more

intrigued by Photography and Video Recording. I was talented in both fields and by combining

my experiences in design industry and photography I was able to be a Studio Designer, Fashion

Designer, and Makeup Artist all at once. My ability to interpret our clients’ needs and to

design solutions with high visual impact makes the outcome very unique and professional. My

digital designing skills are not limited to our studio and the pictures we are taking, I am able to

work on designing a variety of products, including websites, magazines, Ads, Flyers, product packages, and stands for exhibitions. My husband and I made a great team in Photo-Video industry since we have knowledge, talent, and we work hard. ­­­



We are happily establishing our own collection of cameras from the last century, and moving forward with adding to this collection all of the new and most updated technology, to take unique pictures, and record unbelievable videos.

We offer custom all seasons photo shoot packages that includes photos, videos, holiday cards, designed just for you. We personalize our cards for each of our clients, so they are all unique and one-of-a -kind. Our Modeling Photography, Wedding video clips, and Music videos are done in our most luxuries, and elegant Ballrooms in town.


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