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Chaleepa is a Farsi name in Iranian mythology for the sign that refers to circle of wellbeing and prosperity in  the world.The existence of this sign  goes back  to15,000 years  ago  in  form of carving in stones. In ancient  Iran  or  Persia this  sign  was  representing the belief that the universe was pulled by four heavenly horses each representing 4 elements of life. Corners of Chaleeparepresents  fire, water, wind and earth. Chaleepa  sign is also referred to as ”circle of sun” or “the ring of good will” in Iran as well as Eastern cultures.


According to Iranian old civilization each of these elements were sacred and believed to be the essential forces to sustain life. Wind or air as an indispensable element of life that holds water and fire and penetrates earth to make life possible on earth.Fire a symbolic sign of purity and “wise spirit” representing a force known to shape even the hardest of forms.Water represents purification and is a healing and rejuvenating force in the universe.And Earth is the symbol forabundance and fertility in life.It is my wish that Chaleepa products reminds you of the force of good will in you and the world that surrounds you.

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